Gill Wilson at ORIGIN

Gill Wilson exhibited new work at ORIGIN at Spitalfields Market earlier this month. The new work further develops previous projects, particularly the work exhibited in Paris at Maison et Object in January.

There is a structural uniformity about this body of work both in scale and in the pared down colours, which are largely the pure natural colour of the material – barley straw in this case. While the nature of the material allows for the richest of colours to be achieved, Gill Wilson has demonstrated an uncompromising, spartan approach to any chromal elements other than the exquisite, and provocative , use of gold leaf. This last touch evokes a range of associations, from purity and quality to primal references of communication – the basis and value of paper as the worlds simplest and most widely utilised substrate – think illuminated manuscripts, scrolls, maps and hidden codices

The material is so pure that it is almost entirely cellulose fibre sustained through hydrogen bonding. Elemental references cannot be missed as these references are signposted through the intricate designs, which are either sub-molecular networks or sacred geometry.  Most of Gill Wilons work is bought by international clients and this year her work has been purchased by clients in Denmark,  Japan and the Lebanon.

You can see more of Gill Wilsons work at her website – and you can contact her directly at


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