Paul Stone – Still Life

Paul Stone is showing new work at gallerytop opening on Saturday 15 October at 11.00am. You can see more of Paul’s work here

Paul Stone has a first class degree in Art History and a Masters Degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice. This combination of of detailed knowledge and analysis combined with an inate draughtsmanship has contributed to Paul’s intensley observed still life paintings. The classical composition of the paintings and their detailed surfaces are, quite literally, extraordinary. The paintings have a sense of the super-real, but this is tempered by the long tradition of still life paintings they make reference to – the Spanish and Dutch still life paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries.  The foreground, often white linen, acts a stage for the protagonists – the still life objects – while the black backgrounds hightens the sense of of drama. The objects are lit against the dark background increasing the atmosphere of the theatre of the work. All the paintings are oil on canvas – the link to above (to Flickr) shows studio shots and work in progress. In 2010 Paul was awarded ‘Still Life Artist of the Year 2010’ by Artists and illustrators magazine – you can see why here

Paul Stone: Still Life

Saturday 15 October – 12 November 2011

gallerytop, Rowsley Derbyshire DE4 2EH

Paul Stone – Still Life. an exhibition of new paintings at gallerytop starting on Saturday 15 october 2011.


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