Julian Bray

Julian bray has produced eleven paintings of the Chatsworth Estate which will form part of our Christmas exhibit ‘Present Perfect’

Julian Bray in his studio working on the Chatsworth paintings

Julian Bray is a painter whose work is characterized by a strong architectural draughtsmanship. His intense drawing ability provides the framework in his paintings for a use of colour which is by turns both subtle and dramatic. He has produced work across a range of subjects, from portraiture to landscape and he has an innate ability to move easily between media, working with the same facility in oils, acrylic, watercolour and multimedia. The resulting work ranges from semi-abstracted architecture rich in texture and colour, to atmospheric realism concerned with the fall of light and shade.

Chatsworth provided a perfect environment for Julian’s highly responsive approach, with sweeping parkland and the iconic architecture of the house itself. His ability to capture the elusive ‘sense of place’ is apparent in the work, ranging from detailed explorations of architectural ornament to the atmospheric depiction of the surrounding woodlands

Julian Bray has paintings in both public and private collections in the Far East and more recently in the Middle East. His work is as prolific as it is diverse and has been enthusiastically received – it has been hung in newly constructed palaces, yachts, private houses and hotels including the newly refurbished Savoy Hotel in London.

Julian Bray’s interest lies in the development of new ways of representing the world and he uses a range of transparent and opaque media to imbue his architectural landscape visions with energy and form. His use of colour can almost approach the illustrative in places and then almost surreal in others, using unlikely colour combinations.

“I celebrate shape and colour and hope to encourage the viewer to see their surroundings afresh.”

“The subjects in my paintings dictate my response and it is important for me to have an opinion about the qualities I wish to communicate in each new piece rather than applying the same style to all. My paintings vary stylistically and it is this considered approach to each new subject that is its strength”


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