As part of our Limited Edition Print season, we have been working with Advanced Graphics London, who publish high quality screen and woodblock prints of nationally acclaimed artists. This is how it works:

‘The artists published by Advanced Graphics London are invited to work with the technicians at our studio. Each artist works in a different way and the relationship between printer and artist is crucial to the success of the project.

The artist builds a series of backgrounds and marks to be made into stencils – they vary from large washed areas to tiny highlights. The technicians print the stencils, one at a time, by pulling ink through the screens onto the paper beneath using a squeegee. If the artist is combining woodblocks with the screenprint the technicians cut the wood into the required shape and roll thick ink onto the surface, the paper is then laid on top of the block and enormous pressure is applied using the vertical press.

There is no original painting and the prints are produced entirely by hand. Once the proofing stage is complete and the artist is satisfied with the image the technicians begin again with the edition- refering to the notes made during the proofing stage. The prints are then signed and numbered by the artist and embossed with the company stamp.’



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