Kristan Baggaley: new paintings

“The bleak and exposed landscape of the Dark Peak has been a natural environment to develop my characteristic textural layering of paint and sand. The changing weather and the coarse nature of the rocks combine to create a beautiful but potentially hostile landscape seeped in history. To interpret in paint the open moorland and characteristic edges of the peaks, I have developed a very physical approach to applying material to the canvas. When I am working the paint is splattered, dripped and scraped, building dense areas of material, all combining to reinforce the impermanence and changing nature of this upland environment.. On site, I work with various materials in sketchbooks, the immediacy, discomfort and grand scale of the landscape all combine to ensure original images and ideas for later work to be started on canvas.”

Kristan Baggaley

Click on the images for a larger view – I’ve attached large files so you can see the quality of the texture – so it may take a  moment to download. To reserve one of the paintings, or for more information, e-mail us at or phone us on 44 (0) 1629 735580



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