Sir Peter Blake: Limited Edition Prints

We have some remarkable work in our exhibition of prints by Sir Peter Blake which started yesterday, including two signed limited edition boxed sets of his ‘World Tour’ and ‘Paris’ editions. Blake produced a series of prints called the ‘Butterfly Man’ which were a hommage to the work and inspiration of Damien Hirst. An additional set of prints (limited to only 10) of the Butterfly Man were published as large digital canvas prints, and we have the ‘Butterfly Man in Venice’ in the show. Of the five editions, three have sold out. To see more detailed information about the prints we have, go here. To see larger versions of the prints, go here.  It’s rare to have such internationally recognised work in the gallery and it’s a show not to be missed. There are numerous examples of Blake’s work significantly increasing in value and while nothing is guaranteed in art, there are clear investment opportunities in the show. As a reminder of the scale of Sir Peter Blake’s activities, go hereThe Butterfly Man in venice y Sir Peter blake


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