Essence of Light’: The Paintings of James Naughton

Saturday 28 April 2012: Essence of Light’: The Paintings of James Naughton.

We have admired the paintings of James Naughton since we first saw them. The lyrical vividness of his landscapes are unmistakable, and while his style has been copied by others, nothing touches the sense of depth and quality of paint and vision which james produces.


“James Naughton paints landscapes. Breathtaking landscapes that bear the ravages of wind and rain, yet remain imposing, defiant, at times almost intimidating. Within them, the artist expresses the sense of wonder and surprise he feels in nature, and records the essence of his experience.” James Naughton’s work “is searching to communicate the very essence of light, how it travels, is absorbed, its warmth and the powerful emotional feelings it evokes in us”. In his completed paintings “there is a sense that elemental forces are at work, with huge clouds hanging over endless horizons, sunlight emerging through the darkness”. James Naughton paints exclusively in oils, allowing the paint’s accidental organic movement to constantly challenge his initial vision of the landscape and has gradually developed his own unconventional techniques, many resulting from his printmaking background. . “For me the best art comes when I switch off my yearning for conscious control, allow my sub-conscious to just respond to the surface.”


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