Ross Loveday is a talented painter and printmaker and his work can be seen HERE. In 2012, Ross was awarded the distiction of being selected as the ‘Printmakers Primtmaker’ at Printfest. You can see Ross talking about the event HERE .

ross-loveday_print_red-earth-600x600 ross-loveday_print_burnt-fen-600x600 ross-loveday_print_life-lines-600x600

This is what Ross says about his work:

“The fine line which separates figuration and abstraction interests me; time, place, weather and light alongside gesture, glimpse and memory. The subjects are only the starting points – sometimes small insignificant details or texture triggers a complete piece.
I was born and grew up in Wales and studied Optometry in Cardiff, practising as an optician for many years. I started drawing and painting as a hobby in my early 30s, having enjoyed art at school. I began to enter national and regional art exhibitions and was lucky enough to win several prizes, including having my work selected by the Prince of Wales and purchased for his private collection. In 1996 I had my first solo exhibition.
I made my first prints alongside master printer Stanley Jones at the renowned Curwen Studio in Cambridgeshire before going on several courses to study the drypoint and carborundum technique. After winning The Julian Trevelyan Award at Originals 2008 (at the Mall Galleries in London) I decided to focus on my printmaking, working with Leicester Print Workshop who specialise in carborundum printing.
Chance and accident in my work are embraced and enjoyed. I don’t draw much or plan anything out and when I start a work I’m never quite sure where it will take me. Although my prints are inspired by the landscape, my emphasis is on abstraction and texture. I use natural earth colours – greys, browns, blues – to suggest the unique feel of a place, to capture a fleeting moment.

I try to capture the atmosphere of the British landscape. The transient mood and light of the four seasons is what I aim to achieve in my paintings. I hope to convey the feelings of the place and not it’s description.”



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