‘Dark & Light’: The Peak Prints Project

‘Dark & Light’: The Peak Prints Project

Art enthusiast Nicholas Pitts-Tucker has sponsored a dozen wood engravers to create forty pictures of the Peak District National Park that will be exhibited at gallerytop in Rowsley. His aims are to ‘encourage wood engravers to engage with the Peak District, and local people to engage with this art form.’
Nicholas felt that Derbyshire is highly suitable for the art because the intensity and austerity of wood engraving suits a landscape of rocks, crags, gnarled trees and stark horizons. With its abundance of woods and stones, crags and deep river gorges, ancient carved stones and picturesque farms, Derbyshire is the perfect location – but hardly any wood engravings of these subjects have been done! Nicholas invited 12 leading UK Wood Engravers to stay in Derbyshire for a series of long weekends. These began in the depth of the winter of 2013, but ended with the most perfect spring days, blessed with flowers and clear blue skies.

Gill Wilson, owner of gallerytop in Rowsley, was delighted to arrange the opening of the Dark & Light’ exhibition. She said, “Wood engraving is an incredibly skillful process and requires exceptional drawing ability. When we curate exhibitions at the gallery, our first criteria is always quality and the quality of the work in ‘Dark and Light’ has to be seen to be believed.”

The exhibition opens at gallerytop on Saturday 12 April at 11.00. All the engravings can be seen on the gallerytop website at www.gallerytop.co.uk.


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