A visit to Val Hudson’s studio

Winter exhibition

Val Hudson is a painter drawing on a wide spectrum of ideas and influences. Her paintings present a dreamlike quality of ephemeral spaces punctuated with half seen evocations of memory, experience and sensory imaginings. The content of her paintings are the starting point of a conversation with the viewer where the language is not just visual but emotive, evocative with a subtle potency of shifting illusive signs and symbols. There is a sense that the viewer is invited to decipher meaning through their own non-verbal, non-cognitive contemplation.  The paintings are also imbued with a strong visual presence because of their human scale and strength of colour and composition. The only way to fully appreciate Val’s painting is to stand in front of one until the internal noise quietens…

Val originally studied Fine Art (painting) at Central St Martins School of Art and moved to Derbyshire 4 years ago. She says this about her paintings

“The paintings engage with the insubstantial, transient nature of existence as expressed through colour and form, the elements, open spaces and the play of light.

Abstract and landscape in form, I endeavour to make that which is invisible, visible and in doing so I invite us to jettison our preconceptions and bring into play, imagination. I layer oil and wax on canvas then scrape-back to create pieces that are contemplative, meditative and mysterious. They are textural, intimate, paradoxical and poetic and engage with the potential of emptiness and silence. I try not to force anything to happen in the process of painting but rather ‘let go’ into the work.”

Val Hudson is exhibiting on the Winter exhibition at gallerytop from 7 February 2015


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