During October 2014, Emma Rodgers exhibited at the Galerie Alice Mogabgab in Beiruit in an exhibition called ‘Spiritus’

Owl of Minerva

Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom and the Romans equated her with the Owl, as a symbol of wisdom and philosophy

Working in a wide variety of media including ceramics, metal, wood, shells and feathers, Rodgers succeeds in conveying not just bodies but the life force that animates them. They may be crafted using a similar technique and materials,but there is a world of difference between the frantic nightingale and swallow, about to be torn apart by a bird of prey in Rodgers’ dark interpretation of a myth of Philomena, and the hanging forms of the two pheasants, empty shells from which all life has departed.The sculptures directly inspired by Greek mythology include a vision of Sisyphus, his distorted, sickly body naked and vulnerable, dwarfed by the enormous black rock he is doomed to roll forever uphill. Icarus sealshis doom with two spindly wings, lethal looking shards of wood like arrows, each wrapped in fabric and ornamented with a single white feather.

It packs a powerful emotional punch, however, and the artist’s sensitive, balanced compositions coupled with her eye for arresting texture and subtle colour render her work undeniably beautiful.



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