STILL LIFE: The paintings of Paul Stone and Jill Barthorpe

STILL LIFE brings together two accomplished painters whose subject matter is similar but whose approaches and treatment are almost diametrically opposite.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 15 August at 11.00 at gallerytop

Paul Stone’s paintings are meticulously observed and make reference to the Dutch and Spanish Still Life paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries. The compositions are focused on the relationships between the objects and their environment. They invite the viewer into an intimate space to seek out the symbolism of the objects and the ‘stage’ they occupy.

Jill Barthorpe’s paintings have a sense of the ethereal despite being rooted in disciplined observation. Her paintings have an economy based upon the accuracy of marks and the precise placement of colour. Her training under Euan Uglo at the Slade and subsequent plain air experience in Europe defines the handling of light and space

Paul Stone

‘At the core of my paintings is the search for a precision of focus on the formal properties of mundane objects that have an everyday, unremarkable presence in our lives. As the majority of the inanimate objects are gathered from local charity shops, they also record a previous unknown transience moment when they are suddenly cast out for whatever reason. This results in a familiar and nostalgic content, and for me a more intimate relationship with their representation.

Jill Barthorpe

“For me the excitement of painting is trying to capture the ‘likeness’ of things without slavish description. Paradoxically, I find the most interesting way to carve out this reality is to use objects of an ephemeral nature: trees, clouds, flowers; their constant movement and the passage of the light during the day forces me to make decisions about their essential character and to attempt to draw that, rather than rely on an impression based on the moment. Similarly my approach to colour is to distil the essence and define the point of change rather than model the surface.”

'Smooth Skin' by Paul Stone

‘Smooth Skin’ by Paul Stone

'Orange Stripe' by Jill Barthorpe

‘Orange Stripe’ by Jill Barthorpe


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